Curriculum Structure 
Introductory Document 
Glossary of Terms 
CMP-1101-2 - Computer Integration 
CMP-1102-1 - Computer Search 
CMP-2101-1 - Computer Network Communications 
CMP-2102-1 - Creative Computer Use 
CMP-B101-2 - Basic Computer Science  
CMP-P101-1 - Computer Environment Awareness 
CMP-P102-2 - Computer Document Production 
ENG-1101-4 - Informed Choices 
ENG-1102-2 - Enjoyment and Entertainment I 
ENG-2101-2 - Enjoyment and Entertainment II  
ENG-2102-4 - Rights and Responsabilities 
ENG-B121-4 - Discovering the World of Print 
ENG-B122-4 - Building Foundations  
ENG-B123-4 - Satisfying Basic Needs 
ENG-B124-4 - Accessing Services 
ENG-B125-4 - Leisure and Personal Interests 
ENG-B126-4 - Community Life  
ENG-P101-4 - Opening Doors  
ENG-P102-4 - Everyday Living 
ENG-P103-4 - Taking Charge  
ENG-P104-4 - Discovery and Challenges 
ENG-P105-4 - Stepping Out 
ENG-P106-4 - Lifestyle Options 
ENG-P107-4 - Engagement and Involvement  
FRE-1101-3 - Propos liés à la consommation 
FRE-1102-3 - Propos liés à l'environnement physique et social 
FRE-2101-3 - Propos liés au monde du travail 
FRE-P101-2 - Des mots pour se dire et se situer 
FRE-P102-3 - Des mots pour une vie saine 
FRE-P103-2 - Des mots pour se divertir 
MTH-1101-3 - Finance and Arithmetic 
MTH-1102-3 - Statistics and Probability 
MTH-2101-3 - Algebraic Modelling 
MTH-2102-3 - Geometric Representations and Transformations 
MTH-B113-3 - Numeracy 
MTH-B114-2 - Orientation in Time 
MTH-B213-4 - Arithmetic and Money 
MTH-B214-3 - Basic Geometric Representations 
MTH-P101-4 - Arithmetic and Personal Finances 
MTH-P102-3 - Sense of Space and Time 
MTH-P103-2 - Sets and Statistics 
MTH-P104-4 - Geometric Representations 
PRS-2101-1 - Psychological Health 
PRS-2101-2 - Interpersonal Relationships 
PRS-2102-1 - Health and Sexuality 
PRS-2121-2 - Work Culture 
PRS-2141-2 - Developing a Training and Career Plan 
PRS-P101-2 - Change: Transitions and Challenges  
PRS-P102-2 - Healthy Lifestyle Habits 
PRS-P121-1 - Rights and Responsibilities at Work 
PRS-P141-2 - Exploring Training and Career Options 
SST-1101-1 - Democracy and the Right to Vote  
SST-1121-1 - Shared Values and Cultural Diversity 
SST-2101-2 - Citizens' Rights and Responsibilities 
SST-2141-2 - Consumer Vigilance 
SST-P101-2 - Cooperation and Civic-Mindedness 
SST-P121-2 - Cultural Traits of Québec Society 
SST-P141-2 - Consumer Protection 
TSC-2101-2 - Environmental Ethics 
TSC-2121-3 - Effective Use of Technologies and Personal Comfort 
TSC-P101-2 - Ecological Issues: Resource Waste 
TSC-P121-2 - Everyday Technologies